Zero waste flat: here we go

by Mājas lapas moderators, 2017. gada 26. aprīlis

Here we are: a little space to tell you more about a great experience. Zero Waste.

We are two EVS, volunteering for homo ecos: NGO, as part of the project “Green up! 2 “Funded by Erasmus +. We decided to focus on this topic for the next months via this blog. And we wanted to keep a track of our challenge …


Es esmu Lucie, I come from France and I’ll be in Latvia for the next 10 months. In France, I took part in the creation of a Zero Waste association (Zero Waste Lille) after 2 or 3 years of experiencing this lifestyle. I’m very far from perfect (of course) meaning that I do not live without any waste. I just learned some new habits, decided to change my routine in some ways, with the goal of living a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ll tell you more about the deep motivation soon.
When arriving in homo ecos: in this new experience, I decided to use this style of everyday life in my work volunteering. I had the chance to be with this Irish fellow in my journey who wanted to discover more about this topic. So we had the idea of ​​making a blog about it.

Going zero waste is a real challenge, and the perspective of foreigners living in a city with this new challenge is maybe an added value … We do not know anything, yet, we know how it is in some other parts of Europe. And we could come back with wonderful Latvian ideas after that!

We will here write about zero waste lifestyle of course, but also about garbage, trash management system, minimalism, everyday life, examples, funny moments, shops, cafes, Latvia, Riga, and many more I hope. Thanks for following our journey!


Sveiki! Mani sauc Aaron. Es esmu brīvprātīgais … OK that’s all of the Latvian that I know.

Hey, I’m Aaron and I’m the Irish side of this duo. Truth be told I am completely new to the world of Zero Waste, so I’m also very much the amateur of the duo. I am the entry level zero waster!

By completely new I mean this, as a kid I was taught in schools the “three R’s” of Reduce Reuse Recycle, but it was not until I met Lucie that I was informed that there is a fourth and fifth R (you will find out in a later blog). This was news to me !!

For me this whole blog is one big challenge to match my actions with my morals. For years I’ve had the morals and outlook of a Zero wasters, but to be honest I had too many excuses to not make it a reality. Blaming living with my parents, lack of money, etc. Lack of time it did not matter the real reason, I found an excuse to fit the situation.

So this is my challenge beginning in Riga, to try bring my actions more in line with my morals and opinions. I do not think it will be easy, but to be honest, having a blog and Lucie will keep me on my toes, it will keep me accountable to not take the lazy, easy option.

So yeah, I’m super excited to learn new skills, experience new things and yeah, a live Zero Waste lifestyle in a Zero Waste flat in Riga: D

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