homo ecos: Lucie Dupont

homo ecos: Lucie Dupont

by Redaktors, 2018. gada 15. februāris

Recorded by Sintija Ludborža

If everything would be possible for you, what would be the thing you would change in the world?

Many, many things. But I guess I would like that people had equal access to education and also that people would have the possibility to understand that protecting environment and caring about the planet is also caring about themselves. We are connected in environment and nature, people are connected, so acting for this topic also help themselves.

Which of the human qualities do seem the most human to you?

Open-mindedness and tolerance, acceptance of difference. These are the most important. I think that being a human means realizing that you are part of something bigger, that you need each other and that everybody is connected again. Using that you need to accept that difference is not something bad or scary, but the contrary. We are all different and we are all bringing something to each other, and that makes us human beings. Being identical wouldn’t be interesting… and that wouldn’t help us building communities. We need all differences; differences are very valuable to me.

Which of the seasons is your favourite season and why?

Before autumn starts I always say that autumn is my favourite. Everybody thinks that autumn is something depressing and sad, but I actually don’t see it like that. First, because it’s beautiful. I love those colors, blue sky and the sun. And because I see there the cycle – something disappears to create something new. It gives me hope! And after that, winter… Winter is made for resting, for inside. I really like it; you start again lighting candles, watching movies with a cup of tea. I love it.

If you would have a chance to invent one special day in year, what day would it be?

I think we have too many of those days and people don’t really pay attention to it anymore – there are days for everything and nothing. In France we have the day, it’s actually on my name day – 13th of December, when we celebrate the Light. So, in one French city, Lyon, they celebrate the day of Lights. For one week there are amazing lights on every building in city, candles and so on. It’s a big celebration. I like the idea of lighting lights in the beginning of winter. So, I wouldn’t like to invent one more special day but I would like to see this one (I’ve never been there) and that would be a good reason to celebrate my name day (as in France we do not usually celebrate name days!).

What would you like other people to know about you?

I would like other people to know that I am the person with strong beliefs and that I am always ready and willing to discuss them with others. And also that I am a reliable person, I hope. I like discussing things and it can be done in a light way, funny way. I like to bring fun in whatever I do. Not everything has to be heavy; I think it is always good to communicate with humor and a bit of fun. And I love learning from people.

What would be your wish to readers of this article?

There is a legend about the little hummingbird. It happens in the Amazonian forest. There was a big, big fire. All the animals ran away and gathered on the top of the hill to observe the fire. They saw how everything was starting to be destroyed and they thought that there was nothing to do. But this little hummingbird could not just stand there and watch, so it went to grab some drops of water in its beak and flew to pour it in the fire, again and again. The other animals at one moment asked him: “But little hummingbird, what are you doing? You can’t do anything here”, and the hummingbird answered: “I know, but I`m doing my part.”
It’s about doing our part, doing what we can. I really like this legend and it is how I also consider myself in the world and in our environmental topics and works. So, I could wish that people read this legend and understand that it’s about that when it comes to act. We can not always blame institutions, others or anything else because it starts with us, ourselves. Everybody can act at its own level and this is how we can create changes. Be like the hummingbird!

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